The Shadow Rift of Umbraforge


Heroes are visited by a rider from Overlook, seeking out assistance with recent attacks from within the city. There they are assaulted by men who work for someone called Modra, who seeks the key the party obtained at the end of their previous adventure.

Their journey leads them to a poor house that has a secret buried underneath it. Inside is a portal to the Shadowfell, where they find Modra and uncover a vast mercenary army that’s being formed by an arms dealer named Sarshan. The army is poised to assault the normal world, but in the fight with Modra and his giant death boar, the nearby forge is damaged and becomes volatile. The party chooses to assault the tower that Sarshan resides in, as the mercenary camp begins to erupt and explode. Once they reach the top, they decide to accept Sarshan’s offer to join his army and take over the world, but only as a ruse to prevent him from overwhelming them with his mercenary army. Once left alone, the party makes an escape attempt from his tower, escaping out a portal back to Overlook shortly before the tower explodes behind them.


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